Monday, October 27, 2008

One Week Birthday!

One Week Old!

Wow. Things have changed ALOT around here! I have written a few blogs but they fail to post, so I'll go back and re-write them soon. I wanted to write this quick blog to wish Coen a happy one week birthday! He is 7 days old today. I can't believe that we've had him for seven days! Time is FLYING by. He already looks bigger! So Happy One Week B-day Coen! Your daddy and I are soooo blessed to have you! xxxooo


teamwilhite said...

amy- he is so beautiful! I mean it! that is one good looking baby!

JustinP8 said...

Wow! He's a good looking kid!


Daniel and Amy said...

Thanks yall! I know I'm biased, but I think he's pretty cute myself! :)

Anonymous said...

So I made a special account just to comment on here, you better be grateful! lol. I miss you Coen! Auntie Becky will be back soon to see you!....I guess I miss you and Daniel too Amy.. :-D hehe

movin'mom said...

Hi Amy,

Congratulations on your beautiful baby!

Not sure if you remember me but I am your Aunt Lisa's sister-in-law Sonia Cerza. She sent me your blog and again... Coen is quite handsome and you look very HAPPY!