Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coen Arrives

Hi everyone! I have come into some "free time" and decided that I needed to use it to update this thing. Basically, I have taken 300 some odd pictures since last Monday and I want to share! 10/20/08 we headed to the hospital for the c-section. Here is a picture of us at 5:00AM leaving the barn to head to the hospital. See how nice my hair looked? I spent a long time on it the night before. Usually I don't care about that kind of thing, but since I wasn't getting anything my way, meaning no natural child birth experience, a spinal block, catheter etc., I figured I could at least take advantage of the heads up, and look and feel pretty. That lasted all of five minutes, because right after the spinal, while lying on my back, I threw up all in my hair. Nice. Everything was great actually. A lot of my friends, who have had c-sections, prepared me really well. The staff was amazing, and let me know exactly what I was going to experience. Honestly it was great. Daniel came in right as they started and did a wonderful job keeping me distracted, calm and awake! He asked me questions and to recite a scripture we had been memorizing together. One of the question I remember him asking me was the recipe for banana nut bread. To which I responded, "Bananas, nuts and bread." Before I knew it the anesthesiologist was telling me that the were pulling Coen out. "There is his hiney, and now the head. Dad take a look!", she said. Daniel stood up, and slowly peeked over the sheet. "", he said. Then Coen started crying and I started crying and laughing. Daniel kept saying "He's beautiful! He's perfect!". "Take pictures!", I said. So we walked off to take pictures, and I tried to keep from dozing off. As they were sewing me up, the nurse took some family pics. They are priceless.

As much as I wanted a natural birthing experience I must say I am very happy with what I got. My baby boy is beautiful, safe, and healthy. If I can help it, every single one of my children will be born at Baylor Southwest. The staff is AMAZING!

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Mommy Moseley said...

Wonderful birth pics, I wish I had more of those! Can't wait to see you!