Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Coen's Fourth Birthday

We have a four year old. It's still hard to believe. I look him over and I can't see "baby" on him anywhere. It's all giggles and ribs and scrapes. Hair that's a little too long and pants that are a little too short. The baby boy traits are only visible when he's sleeping. I hope they stay there. 
 Anyway, party talk! We had to do a Toy Story party! Really, it was just a family party but I went ahead and bought Toy Story party supplies. Easy peasy. I apologize in advance for all of the underwear shots.
 Here's Coen looking at the decorated table right after he woke up. He stopped, sleepy eyed and said, "The CLAAAAWW!"

 Daniel's gift idea.

Coen had been wanting a train wash for a while and I found this one on Amazon. Paid the express shipping, yes I did.

Made cupcakes after the morning festivities. It was my first time to decorate cupcakes like this. 

My mom's dog, Murphy (or "Furfie" as Coen says) was invited to the party.

Birthday Buzz!

This was Coen's first year to be physically able to blow out his birthday candle. He is doing so well with his speech therapy and motor planning. Sweet guy.


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