Monday, June 11, 2012

'Nana Pops

(You thought this was a story about a transgendered grandparent, didn't you?...Weirdo)

So, in an effort to cut down on sugar in the house I snagged some of these from Albertsons! Looked yummy and fun. So we gave them a shot!

I got mini bananas because...well...why wouldn't you?

The only downside to that decision was that they were a little bit more difficult to fit onto the stick without breaking them.
But, I mean, if a three year old can do it...

So there you have it. Then you pop them in the freezer.

Banana thief. :)

Meanwhile, you place the chocolate into hot water to melt. Super easy!

Then you dip!

Serve 'em to your kids. Especially if they are wearing Percy underwear.
Coen isn't a real big fan of cold things like popsicles. So he wasn't a huge fan...
but Wallace was another story entirely.

 Wallace is always another story entirely. It's part of his charm.

I thought they were disgusting and will never make them again.

Just keepin; it real.

The End.

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