Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Handwriting Skills

We've been practicing our handwriting skills lately.

My mom got Coen these great little books, so we've been doing those too. One of them is "Tracing"...perfect!!

The rest are for cutting, coloring and pasting. Coen likes them all!

Of course there is the ever present "train" I am required to draw. Lately Coen has been adding his little bit of detail.

Here's his second attempt at writing his name without help! I seriously only showed him how to do it twice.

I made him a binder with worksheets in plastic sleeves so he can practice whenever he wants.
The first page is just a Kindergarten handwriting template to practice writing anything and everything.

Next are some basic skill builders. These two mazes came in the book pictured above.

More skill builders. Coen actually LOVES helping the Mommy animals  find their babies. These came from some of my materials I used when I was teaching.

Print offs from the internet. These are also from my stash...

These are from a set of cards we got from Dr. Rosenthal. Each letter stands for a positive personal attribute. It also includes cursive! We're letting Coen trace cursive as well as standard script.

(I'm not sure why this picture is horizontal...)

Did you know they are going to stop teaching cursive in public schools? Dr. Rosenthal says studies show that writing in cursive helps the brain retain what is being written because of the flow. Interesting, huh?

Anywho, so yeah, just write, erase, repeat. He loves it!

 I love watching him learn!
(We're working on holding our pen correctly ;) )

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