Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Daniel left me a single rose, hidden somewhere in the house everyday leading up to Valentine's Day. Even better, each rose came with a note. Each note pointed out similarities between the rose and our relationship. Either something deep and meaningful or something simple. For example the yellow rose represented our friendship. The last three roses were from Wallace, Coen and finally Daniel. His is the biggest red rose.


I know.

I couldn't top it. He got a card with cartoon birdies.

Everyone was pumped up about V-day festivities. Can't you tell?

Weeks before Valentine's Day arrived, Coen asked for these Shrek valentines he found at a discount store. 
I have no idea why. He barely knows who Shrek is. They were a dollar and I couldn't resist, especially since he rarely, if ever, tells me something he wants. He enjoyed them, though. For some strange reason he put the hearts on Shrek's ears. 
It's a mystery.

So we got a little carried away with Valentine's Day lunch. It was Daniel. It was his day off and he really enjoyed using the heart shaped cookie cutters! ;)
As a special treat we had the cookies Aunt Julie made Coen! All natural and free of refined sugars! Yay!
It was an absolutely beautiful day, so we spent lots of time in it.
Thank you, God, for our sons. Thank you for YOUR son.

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