Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas 2011

December 25th

I made it! Finally got around to Christmas!

We had a pretty busy Christmas day. We desperately wanted to go to church that morning because this season is first and foremost about Christ. Unfortunately, with the time constraints  we had with family coming on Christmas day, we really needed to consider everyone's schedule so we weren't able to make it. The Lord knows our hearts, though, so that's all that matters.

The stockings were stuffed and ready to be opened!
What a great Christmas morning. I recorded a lot of it, so there aren't many pictures.
Wallace wasn't very interested in ripping paper, just playing with the little pieces he found. Fortunately Coen graciously accepted the burden of assisting his little brother.

New boots! Hooray!!
 Well, we had to buy some new trains!
 Wallace is fixing to realize that he's getting the tiger xylophone I let him play with in Toys R US. He bawled his eyes out when I had to take it away to pay for it.
  Giving brother a turn. ;)
They play so well together. I think My mom has a picture of Julie and I in almost this exact way.

It's sad that the drill was necessary to open a child's toy.
 I was so excited to give Wallace this stuffed puppy dog! He loves dogs. He always touches the nose first. See? HA!

 We also gave them this joint gift of plastic balls. We put them in a tent we already had. They had so much fun with this!
The aftermath, I am glad to say, was not too bad.
 Each boy got three gifts not including their stockings and the one joint gift. I want to have a system to gift giving in our home. I want them to always get a book and perhaps something to promote creativity. I recently heard a saying about giving gifts, "Something they want, something they need, something they wear, something they read." Sounds good to me! Daniel got me a robe, which I love and I gave him some money, cause I'm awesome like that. :)

 Coen was the first one ready to head over to Grammy and Gramps' house! :)

Everyone was waiting on us to arrive and once we did we dove into Christmas festivities. Coffee, brunch and gifts.
All of the kids loved the light up spinning tops they got. The adults did too!
 I love this picture of Aunt Julie multi tasking in the background. :)
It was also baby Wyatt's first Christmas and for some reason I have no pictures of him on my camera. I remember taking some, but I think it was with someone else camera. Bummer.
 Sweet kisses from Grammy!
 Workin on that empty box top...
 Gramps reading to Coen and Julie and Wallace.

Wallace checkin out his loot!
 This is funny for so many reasons. :)

  And the grand finale...Coen got a jeep!! He was SO excited and he plays with it every day! WOW! Thanks Grammy and Gramps!

 A few hours hater, after playing games, eating and cleaning up the house, my Dad's family came over. I guess I was too busy keepin up with kiddos and socializing to take pics, but we did get one big family photo. Whew!

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