Sunday, December 11, 2011


August 21

How could I forget about Coen's stitches!? Early Sunday morning Daniel was rough housing with Coen on our bed. I was asleep on the couch after tending to a fussy baby when I heard a sudden "OH! OW! OOh Gosh!! Ohhhhh." and Coen crying the undeniable "I've been injured" cry. I flew off of the couch and into our bedroom to find Daniel on the floor holding his face and Coen in the middle of our bed with blood streaming down his face.
I grab Coen and glance at Daniel, now missing one of his front teeth.
Back to Coen to find the source of the bleeding....there it is, a gash on his forehead.
On to the kitchen to get some ice or a towel?
Nope, not working. Too much wriggling, screaming and blood.
"Get in the car! Grab Wallace and get in the car!! Come on!"
Calm down, Amy. You have two boys. You're going to see much worse than this. Keep it together. Am I wearing shoes? Where is Daniel? Is Daniel wearing pants?

Yeah, I was scared. We made it to the hospital in Fort Worth where Coen received three stitches. No, it couldn't have been butterflied, it was a funny shaped gash.
  He survived.
 Daniel got some sleep and a temporary cap.
I lost one sleep shirt and a little bit of my nerve.

Mommies shouldn't have to hold their children down while they get stitches. 
Of course I woulda hit the foo steppin' in ta hold my kid down while they got stitches.

Catch twenty two I guess.

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