Tuesday, December 6, 2011


By far the biggest thing we did was remove this load bearing wall. The scariest thing too. Daniel's bf Donnie came out, as well as my dad, to tackle this project. First they had to build two false walls for support, that's why we are missing popcorn in one spot. It's ok because it was going to come off anyway. I remember I stood in the doorway ready to run when they started knocking the fifty year old two by fours out. The ceiling sagged a bit. 'Bout an inch? Yep, it was scary. Turned out ok though and super sturdy!

 Daniel handled all of the electrical. He's so handy. :)
 At first we thought we were in for a real nightmare with the popcorn. It had to come down because it really dated the house. It had been painted with a thick white paint which basically turned rock hard. It was actually to our benefit, though, because it came of in thick sheets.
 Oh yeah, this was a nightmare.
 Nothing is more discouraging than finding termites all over your first home. Literally every, single sink/toilet leaked. The termites were attracted to water, and made their homes there. We had them in the washer dryer area, living room where there had been a roof leak and both bathrooms. Fortunately the only major damage was to about a foot of a two by four in the washroom, which we fixed. Everything else was just major sheet rock damage. They ate the paper, as it is a wood product, so the walls would just crumble when you touched them.
It's actually good that we located all of the spots and were doing construction because we were able to have our home treated better. So we shouldn't have a problem with them again.

 LOTS of late nights. I worked SO hard to keep my boys from touching that carpet! Blech!!

 Linoleum Up!

 LOTS of dust. Powder dust. Ohmygoodness it got everywhere.

 Popcorn gone, and so is the carpet.

 Close in the old kitchen doorway.
 Ohhhh, that yellow linoleum. I seriously considered setting fire to the house over these floors. In desperation we flooded the kitchen to try and loosen the old glue........it worked. Hallelujah!! Best night ever. It was a cinch after that. Good thing too because I'm throwing my sister a baby shower here in a day or two.


You read that right.

Oh! Did I mention that it's the hottest summer in Texas history?? No?? Well, it is.

 Front bathroom.

 I was so excited to start on fresh paint. Something productive and not destructive.

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