Monday, November 28, 2011

New Old House

Well, here it is. The good the bad and the ugly. Let's start with the ugly, shall we?
 Welcome to our home. Here's a wall. A great, big, white, light blocking wall. That's gotta go.
 For a house this size it's unusual that there would be a fire place. What is NOT unusual, however, is the paneling.
The big windows are nice and once the gigantic bushes are gone we will get even more light in the living room. The "vaulted" ceilings make the space feel much bigger than it actually is.

 Turn the corner to the hallway. I'm sure hallways aren't really anything to get excited about, but we are because we've never lived in a space big enough for a hallway. See the doorway on the left? That's the very awkward door way into the very awkward kitchen. we're going to change it, we're going to change it...
 STORAGE!! Be still my beating heart, there are even laundry hampers. The plastic knobs are a no-no.

Far right is the doorway I was talking about. The stove is the only new thing in the house. Like our goldenrod counter tops?
 Don't worry, that's not just carpet in the kitchen. It's carpet over 40 year old golden rod linoleum. The tiny window will eventually become a gigantic picture window. Someday...
 Oh hey! Look! Some of the linoleum! I was worried that I wouldn't remember it and the nightmares would stop.  Can you spot the termite damage??
 The boys future bedroom. Too bad I don't have a girl...
  I married that. ;)
 Funny story... we closed in the doorway to the kitchen (which you can see in this picture) so when it came time to move this gigantic, solid wood dresser out there was no pivoting room. That was fun.
 Safety first.

 Front bathroom. 
 Fortunately these were not permanent.
 "not permanent, not permanent"
 ..."not permanent"

 Here's the "master bedroom". It came with swan art. and goldenrod curtains.

 Oh, and a pillow.

 "Master bath". There is no shortage of safety bars...
...or seashell sinks.

Third bedroom.

Lots of work, lots of work. It's not our dream home, it's an investment that will help us get to our dream home. As easy as it is to focus on the ugly and the bad, Daniel and I feel so blessed to have a home and we are looking forward to transforming it. Fingers crossed!

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