Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Wallace has been sleeping like a champ! I forget how much babies need to sleep to be happy. Turns out Wallace needs a LOT. :)
Anywho, while he was sleeping one day I broke out some of my old worksheets and stuff and sat down with Coen to go over shapes. Rectangles specifically.

 First, some free art.
 Coen identified all of the shapes and colored them in matching colors. Rectangles are purple!
We traced this rectangle together.
While doing this worksheet, Coen kept making train sounds. Which inspired this...
How many shapes do you see, Coen?
Student led teaching is the way to go!
Covering the rectangles with our rectangle blocks.
And a train "puzzle" for fun!

 One of the perks of doing a little "schooling" during the summer months, besides it being too hot to do much of anything else, is that school supplies and teaching aids go on sale. We found the Bob book sets at Sam's! Yipee! Coen loves them!!

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