Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mix The Playdoh

"Is Coen supposed to be mixing his playdoh?"

I was standing at the sink doing dishes when Daniel asked me this. It seemed like such strange question. One with an obvious answer.


No! Of course not. If it's one thing anyone can be sure of it's that you don't mix the playdoh.

How can we enjoy yellow if it's not yellow? How can we make white bunny cut outs if the white is blue, pink, red and brown? Ten years teaching toddlers and not one of my students got away with mixing the playdoh.

That's why I was taken back a bit when the words that came out of my mouth were, "Umm, I guess so. It's his playdoh."

I mean, it is his playdoh after all.
And if he wants to enjoy it by smooshing it all into a big pile....so be it.
 I mean, I understand that we can't destroy our things because we feel like it.  I am assuming once Coen doesn't want mixed playdoh, he'll realize that he needs to not mix it together. Right now, though, he's two. Store bought playdoh is, like, what... $0.80?
Live a little.
Mix your playdoh.

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