Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

What a wonderful Mother's Day this was! There were a lot of tiny little details that made it extra nice, but I won't bore you with those. The big event of the day was our Mother's Day Brunch!  We wanted to do something extra special this Mother's Day and a brunch seemed like the perfect thing. I hosted and provided drinks and Julie and Becky brought food.
So I set a pretty table...
(That's my china and those are my great great grandmother's glasses. Supposedly they are crystal!)

... and the nibbling and sipping and chit chatting ensued!
Daddy took Coen to the park during our brunch. Here he is with me before he left. Such a sweet boy!
Here's Mom opening her gifts.
Grammy with her grandsons!
This Mother's Day was also special because my sister Becky is expecting! Due in early October. First Mother's day! Julie and I got her a cute maternity shirt.
Here's what Daniel got me for Mother's day! I was sooo pumped. I've been wanting some kind of jewelry to represent my children and this is such a beautiful necklace! It's from The Vintage Pearl. Eeeek! Even better! I've been looking at their stuff for years! It's such a special necklace. Of course the "C" is for Coen and the "W" is for Wallace, but the pearl means something to me too. It represents our baby in heaven. I realized today that it was one year ago that I miscarried. Just a day or two before Mother's Day. That was difficult and yet look at how the Lord has blessed me. I have my sweet baby Wallace. A healthy, sometimes happy, baby boy. :)

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