Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Here's a little bit of Easter for ya. I wasn't really prepared for Easter this year. What with Wallace being born a short while ago. Daniel has been working hard, gone a lot, and there have been a LOT of tasks and events and things I have been trying to keep up with. Next year I want to go to the Good Friday service, even if I have to go by myself. Also, we'll incorporate some kind of family Easter devotions. Not just reading books like we did this year.

 Good Friday we always go to my mom's house to dye eggs. Coen LOVED it! I was really surprised that he got so into it.

We've decided that we'll continue with our American tradition of Easter baskets, but that they will be modest and not brought by the Easter bunny, but given as gifts from Daniel and I. Also, there will only be one basket for all of the kiddos to enjoy and share
Hi baby Wallace!!

Confetti eggs!
Here's Coen, ready for church! I made that bow tie earlier in the week. It was sooooo easy. I think I'll start a little bow tie business! Waddya think?

 The whole fam! Just finding outfits that matched was a huge ordeal. :)
My mom and dad had 16 people at their house this year. Whew!!
 Here's me and my beautiful sisters!

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