Sunday, March 6, 2011


Well, there's been a LOT going on lately in addition to Wallace's quickly (but not quickly enough) approaching arrival.

We're making progress and have some good news. Still on track for VBAC!! Dr. McAlpine said that as long as the baby isn't too big we can go up to my due date and even a bit after! If he doesn't come by then, though, we'll have to do another c-section. When I went in last Tuesday I was dilated to a 1 which was cool to hear because I don't think I ever did that with Coen! Of course, now that he told me I have been SUPER impatient and expect to go into labor any second. I have another appointment in two days and Daniel has the day off, so we plan on taking Coen to the zoo. Then I'm buying some Raspberry tea. The combo should work. Fingers crossed!! ;)

So around the house has been....busy. I've been frantically trying to do everything I want to have done before bringing a baby home which is difficult when I have a two year old who doesn't understand that I am trying to keep the house tidy. We mostly spend our time outside of the home. Playing outside, running errands and hanging out at my mom's house. Me and my sisters trekked it out to IKEA and got a dresser for Coen so we could use the old dresser for Wallace. See? 
This is Wallace's little corner of the world! We'll see if he ever even uses it!
 So fun!

So that diaper cake is from my baby shower! A very dear friend of mine, and her mom, threw us one!! I don't have any pictures on my comp, but they are out there! It was so fun to get new things for a new baby boy. Mostly it was just nice to be "showered" and loved on by great company!

New Things:
Well, Daniel has started working closer to home, which is wonderful!! We can ever meet up for lunch now, which was out of the question before, and it doesn't take him forever to get home at the end of the day. 
Also, my Dad got my Mom and new car! It's exciting because we got their Volvo!! WOOHOOO!!! Three rows of seats, leather interior, safety, I could go on and on about how much I LOVE this vehicle. Thank you Mom and Dad!!!
PLUS, my littlest sis found out she is expecting! I can hardly believe it! We'll have three babies in the fam by Thanksgiving!! That also means Coen will be the oldest cousin. Weird...
Oh, and I've started work on the garden. So far, not so good. I've only planted spinach, but it's well on it's way!

Coen figured out how to get out of his big boy bed. We are desperately lacking sleep at my house because of this little stunt. He literally had a melt down day and finally crashed with no dinner, sleeping for, like, 14 hours or something crazy. He's been better about staying in bed now, but he comes in our room in the mornings, carrying his silky and blanket wanting to snuggle. Fine with me, as long as he's snuggling and not putting his fingers in my nose while I try to catch a bit of shut eye.
He also went potty on the potty once! We're taking the potty training thing really...really...relaxed. I DON'T want him to feel pressured and I honestly don't want to deal with training and a new baby. Everything we do is on his initiation. One day he finally went! So exciting! Here he is taking his sweet time one day...
I'm sorry, son. You're just so darn cute.

We've also been playing with playdoh, and coloring and painting...
...and spilling paint...
...and unrolling numerous tubes of toilet paper...
 ...and acting like we didn't.

Also, Coen has REALLY gotten into helping in the kitchen. He's always liked to, but now I can't keep him out of the kitchen! Here we are making pizza dough.

Because it's apparent that I have too much free time on my hands, I have started up KENO again and started up in a Book Club! We only meet once a month, each, but it's nice to have some time out of the house, having adult conversation. If you can call our conversation "adult". ;)

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