Monday, January 31, 2011

Stock Show

Last week my Dad got a wild hair. He took the day off and treated us to the Stock Show! It was cooooold, as usual, but we had a lot of fun!
Highlight of the day.....petting zoo. Of course! Coen loves these things! The animals in this petting zoo were really, really hungry, as opposed to the ones at Christmas Tyme in Aledo. They were also super, super sweet. We had the place all to ourselves! We only had to sacrifice a few digits to the cold! Thank you to my sweet family for braving the cold and wind so Coen could have a few moments of fun! :)
Look! That's my hair right there! Doesn't it look red? :)
The one place it wasn't cold was in there with all of those animals. I guess they put off a lot of body heat?
 Headed to On the Border for dinner!
 Coen was falling asleep at the table! He had a long, fun day. Way to go, Gramps, for wearing him out! Something I can't see to do these days!

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