Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Jesus Story Book Bible

I wanted to get Coen a Bible, his first Bible, for his first Birthday last year. Of course, that day came and went, and it just never happened, as did his second birthday. So when Christmas came I knew that was one gift I wanted tucked under our tree. I don't spend much time in Christian book stores, so when I found myself in Mardels I just had to stop and "Bible Browse". I recognized almost all of them by the covers. The first one I spotted was The Jesus Storybook Bible . I had seen it on Amazon a few times. I picked it up, and the first thing I noticed was the art work.
 Every single square inch of paper in this book is decorated in fantastic, brightly colored art work.
The second thing I noticed was the tag line. "Every Story Whispers His Name". Didn't quite know how much that would come into play until later.
The third thing I noticed was the way it read. It read like a parent telling a story they knew was true. Like something they had witnessed for themselves and loved to recall and retell.
After discussing it with Daniel and comparing it to others, we picked up the Delux version (which comes with audio cd's) and wrapped it up for Coen to open on Christmas. See?
Daniel and I will read it to Coen at night before bed. I love it!! Daniel loves it!! We find ourselves teary eyed at the end of some of these stories! Every single story in the Old Testament ends in the expectation of the coming of the birth of Christ. Every story in this Bible truly does show how the gospel is all about Jesus and what God did for us through His one and only, very special, SON! I want Coen to know that these stories of the Garden of Eden, Jonah and the Big Fish, David and Goliath...aren't just stories, they are pointing towards how much the world needed a Savior and just how God was planning to provide us with one.
Right now we are in the stories about Jesus' life, so we haven't really seen how the New Testament will go, but I am looking forward to it!

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We love the Jesus Storybook Bible too!!!