Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here's what's been going on at our house the past few weeks!

 Back on November 8th Daniel and I celebrated our 7th year of marriage! Here we are in the car, driving responsibly, on our way home from our amazing date. Dinner at Michael's then window shopping whilst sipping coffee. We retired at 9:00. 'Cause we're old like that.

Speaking of old I also turned 28 in November. No pics of that! I went one whole year thinking I was 28, so I missed 27 completely. Shoot. My parents treated the fam to dinner at my restaurant of choice. I would love to say that I chose someplace hip, trendy and cutting edge. I didn't. I picked Olive Garden. 'Cause I'm old like that.

We found these cool window markers and those have been fun!
 Also, we got HOT WATER for the washing machine!!! We're movin' up I tell ya! First a dishwasher and now this!! Spoiled!! This is great, though, because now we can use cloth diapers for baby Wallace and for the rest of the time Coen needs them!! Woo hoo!!
 We've been on Daniel's bff's "Big Red" a time or two, takin' in the scenery.

We've been "organizin' "...
 ..."creatin' "...
..."and keepin' it real."
What have you been up to?


Stephanie said...

You've been busy!! Happy belated birthday and anniversary! Yay for hot water! I bet you are thrilled about that. :) Have fun with the cloth diapers. I have been on hiatus...just getting back to them.

Ryan said...

Nothing wrong with a little Olive Garden and a 9pm night! We've been old like that!