Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Oh Heavens above, what haven't we been doing lately? Coen, it seems, has gone from "baby/toddler" to big boy in a matter of minutes. He wants to do everything himself and 9 times out of 10 he does it without help. He knows where everything is, knows how to put things away, knows what he likes and what he doesn't and is "fitting in" to our whole family structure wonderfully. He knows the rules and the consequences and more often than not he makes the right choice. Such a joy!

We started watching another little boy, Cooper, who is close to Coens age every Tuesday- Thursday. They've made great friends! Despite them being so different they are really a lot alike. I was worried that chasing two little boys around the house was going to be a beating, but Cooper is well behaved and keeps Coen occupied and entertained, so it's actually easier when he is here! Coen is learning how to share and to keep his hands to himself. Perfect practice for when brother or sister comes along.

Speaking of which, he or she should be here March 17th! I had my first appointment yesterday and things are looking good. 12 weeks on Wednesday!

Coen has graduated to "big boy chair" since Cooper uses his highchair. He LOVES it!!

We've also moved into watercolors. Finger painting is still fun, but using a paintbrush requires a little more control. I love watching him choose colors.

I made my first trip to Ikea! My mom, sis and I spent an entire Saturday there! We walked through the whole place backwards wondering how anyone found anything when it was all in boxes. : /  We figured it out later, fortunately. Can I just say, LOVE! Everything is so dang cheap! Plus I think I found our next round of nursery bedding. I bought four dining room chairs and two child sized chairs for the play table I am sanding. Coen "helped" put them together. :)
He loves them!

Oh, and my Mom turned 50! I can't believe she's only just now fifty. It seems like all of my friends parents have been in their 50's for forever. We celebrated with dinner at Babes  and cake at home. 
Happy Birthday Grammy!!


Emily said...

Whoa!! Congrats!! I don't remember seeing that you were pregnant!

Stephanie said...

CONGRATS!!! We are so excited for you, Daniel and Coen! :)

And I completely agree about two little people playing together being easier than just one. It is always fun to watch them interact and play.

Look how big (and adorable!) Coen is. He is going to be a great big brother.

Backpack family said...

So happy for you. we love ikea- best hopscotch rug ever. nice to read something familiar when so far away.