Sunday, July 11, 2010

ByeBye Cukes

The cucumbers came up, yall. I couldn't handle it any more! Every time I went outside this is when my "harvest" looked like:
A few beans.
A piece of okra or two.
A majillion cucumbers.
They are everywhere!!

Before Fourth of July, I decided to process this load.  We were house sitting and so I decided to take advantage of the HUGE kitchen.

After canning 20 jars of garlic, dill, and bread'n'butter pickles I was done.
So after a few days, when we were back home and settled in, I had at 'em.
(Yes, that's a horrible picture of me from behind wearing my pajama boxers in the middle of the day. No one, except, now, the entire world, can see me.)
What the...What is THAT!!? I didn't plant pumpkins...
 Lab results confirm that it is, indeed, a cucumber.

Including the baby cukes, I probably got 50 total. ::sigh::

Look how happy the rest of my garden is!

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