Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birds, Bees, Bugs.

No, not The birds and The bees. Just regular ones. 
There are so many interesting living things outside, especially at this time of year. Here's a collection of all of the ones I've snapped pictures of this summer so-far:

There are a thousand cardinals out here. I've always wanted a picture of one up close, but the are very skiddish, observant birds. Personally, I think the females are prettier, but you can't miss a bright red male!

Now, "Road Runners" are a totally different matter. These guys get real close and hang out for great pictures. We've watched them run, fly, jump, fight, and I once saw one catch and kill a small snake. They are really entertaining and make crazy noises! I took this pic of one on Easter this year.

 I might have posted this pic before. I just love these little guys! They are virtually impossible to spot in the yard. Haven't seen many lately, but there was a bunch when it was rainin'!

 Woody Woodpecker! Seriously, there were two of these calling to each other one day. I just knew I had heard a woodpecker and couldn't believe it when I got it's picture. This is a woodpecker isn't it? I keep meaning to buy a North American bird identification book to identify the owls I've seen, but they are so darn expensive! Someone, let me know if it's not.

These guys LOVES my cucumber blossoms. That's probably why I had so many! You can't mistake the helicopter-like hum of a bumble bee.

A HUGE family of these funny looking little bugs just appeared one day on the top of one particular okra plant in the garden. I love how they look like they have big noses which they lift into the air as they run from you. Cuties.

Ahh, yes. The creme de la creme of the bug photo collection. Quick background info: I HATE GRASSHOPPERS. This year a ran amuck outside when I saw the world's biggest grasshopper in my squash plant. I called Daniel outside to defend our home while I spent almost a hour looking for it. Today, I was picking Okra, and this monster was staring at me. I know the pic doesn't really do him justice. Do know, however, that he's about four inches long, and weighs about two lbs.. That the biggest Motts applesauce jar they sell. He can barely jump in it. I have affectionately named him "big dead grasshopper". That's how I like to think of him. He's only alive in the jar downstairs so my hubby can bear witness to his apocalyptic proportions.

 YOU, dear lady, are not doing your job!

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