Monday, July 26, 2010

All Done

My home computer has been attacked by malware, so no pics for this blog. Sorry!

Allow me a brief moment to be a mother, please. Just a few minutes of your time. You can just smile blankly and humor me. Throw me a bone. It's OK. I'll understand. I must brag on my child. The next few paragraphs will be me unashamedly rambling on about how brilliant, hilarious and genuinely adorable my son truly is. You probably won't think this is worth noting. You might not think it's cute. It might even annoy you  to read this. I know, because that's exactly how I feel when I read about other kids behavior. Here it goes...

Coen still doesn't talk. It bothers me, but it doesn't worry me. He knows several words, says some and has no problem communicating in general. I never wanted to teach my children sigh language. It annoyed me when kids came to school and their parents instructed us on their child's particular signs. "Guess what Mrs. Mommlady. I'm not going to learn a second language because you kid can't say cracker. Your child will learn my 'I mean business' face before I'll learn all of their signs, and that's all that matters. What a waste of time!"

Never say never.

A friend of mine gave me a dvd of baby sign language after I won a free session of signing classes at a church Christmas party. I was skeptical, but up for some social time. Turns out the dvd was super cute and the idea that I would be able to better communicate with my son was a definite plus. Also, if he took a while to talk, signing would allow him a way to exercise language skills until he was ready. So, we taught Coen two signs successfully before I forgot to teach him more. The two signs he knows are "all done" and ,ironically, "more". He's known them for almost a year now, but only recently has he begun using them without being prompted. Both are used exclusively when eating. Except for today.

Today Coen used "all done" which, unfortunately, looks like jazz hands, three times in a row tonight. The first time it was when I was changing his diaper. He got frustrated that it was taking so long so he started to scoot away. When I stopped him and told him to be still he put up the jazz hands. ("All done!")

Later I was brushing his teeth, which he hates but consents to. I brush the bottom first then the top. This time, before I finished he suggested "All done?".

The third time I actually started laughing out loud. He picked three of his favorite books to read before bed, and I picked a new one I new he had little tolerance for. By the second page I knew he wasn't thrilled with my choice because he sighed and signed "All done."

What a silly goose. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Thank you for listening.


Stephanie said...

I totally laughed out loud reading about him telling you he was all done with his diaper change. Silly boy. I think it is perfectly fine to brag about him. :)

Those were the only two signs we every taught the kids. Ben is like Coen in that he took longer to talk. He still does the signs with the words to this day. Just today he was asking for "more, more" tickling.

Anonymous said...

This made me smile big! Thanks for sharing. Not sure if you're going to be around, but I'm teaching a class at the Pregnancy Help Center this Sat., July 31, at 12:00pm. If not, I'm probably going to teach it again next month. And if you would like to teach some fun signs, I can loan you my vol.2. It has signs like "ball", "train", "car", "shoes", "socks". Of the four baby DVDs it's my fave. I won't be offended, though, if you're content with "all done". :)