Thursday, June 3, 2010


::sigh::...Well, there has been a LOT going on recently and I just haven't found the time to sit down and write about any of it!
 We had a "Lost Series Finale" party! Please note my Dharma Initiative Cream Soda and polar bear. Both of which are apparently meaningless to the plot of the show. We had a lot of fun though. I made P-Dub's "Firecracker Shrimp" because I already had all of the ingredients. Holy moley were they scrumptious! Definitely bringing these to my parent's house on July 4th. You should too!

Memorial Day weekend was great! Daniel got a new schedule which means he doesn't have to go into work on Saturdays anymore!!! So on Saturday we spent the day together and drove to the Cheesecake Factory. Daniel had gift cards and so the meal was F.R.E.E.! My favorite kind! ;)

My friend Nicole and her hubby Damian and daughter Natalia came up from Mississippi, so we spent Sunday morning at her parents lake house in Granbury. Wow, we had a blast. Natalia is getting so big and Coen just loved watching her! We got in the water and had a blast. Can;t wait till they come back!! I forgot to take pictures while we were there!! Argghh!   Later that night Daniel and I went on a date! We saw Shrek (which was hilarious!) and got Root Beer floats. :) Coen hung out with the fam while we were gone.

Then Monday happened. I found a scorpion in the nursery on Sun night and another one in the living room on Monday. The gloves came off! I left Monday night to load up on supplies and I've spent the last few days caulking, setting traps and spraying poison all over my house. So long suckas!

We've also spent considerable time running through various sprinklers,
helping with the laundry,
playing with belts and hangers,
 and being cute.

Not to mention trying on bridesmaid dresses, meeting up with old friends, gardening, celebrating birthdays, shopping for said birthdays, reading new books, trying new recipes and cleaning out closets.

So, there you have it! Our lives lately! Oh, and I spent quite some time labeling all of my posts for your convenience. Use them responsibly. You're welcome. :)


Lori said...

where did you get the Dharma Soda?

bridget. said...

hey! you might already know this, but lavendar helps keep scorpions away. i hate them. HATE. one fell of our ceiling and stung me on the neck as a child. so i've spent my life finding any way to avoid them...