Monday, June 28, 2010

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Ok, so when I was a kiddo the FWMS&H (that's a lot easier to type) was the place to go for field trips. It was so awesome and I'll never, ever forget my first time at the Omni Theatre. They added a dino dig for the kiddos and everyone took their children to dig in the dirt. Then, when I got older, it was a popular place to hit while on a date. underwent construction. After it's transformation everyone talked about how cool it was, and that they added the great play place for little kids.

Until Kristy  and Andrew took me and Coen on Friday I could not have fully understood how cool it had become! It had been roughly seven years since I had been in the building.

Coen had so. much. FUN! Both he and Andrew were running around so much they were sweating! Here's a few pics of the outing:

I'm seriously considering getting a pass. It's worth it to let Coen run around (inside) for hours!


Mommy Moseley said...

We had a fun time and your pics are great. I have to say the train ride was the best!

japink said...

That's a beautiful picture of Kristy! I know I'm not his mommy, but it makes me sad to miss out on Coen enjoying things and going places! Is that creepy?

Amy said...

Haha, Kristy!

Julie- It's not creepy!! It makes me swell with happiness to know that Coen is so well loved!! Don't worry, we'll go again and you can come with!

Heather said...

i love your blog. very creative. my son is 2 now. Thanks for sharing