Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, last Wednesday at 5AM,  we loaded up the car and headed to Colorado. It was a long drive up and an even longer drive back. (Not real sure how that works...) Anywho, it was all worth it and what a beautiful state!
Considering he was strapped in a car seat for 14 hours, Coen did really well. Here he is "reading" one of his favorite books at the moment. :)
I was a total pain to be around for the first couple of hours. It was cloudy and rainy and dark and I kept griping about how we couldn't see the mountains!! They showed up the next morning. This is our view from the hotel, about 30 miles from Fort Collins.
There was also this pretty tree right outside our window. Photo op!
Our first day there Julie got checked in and we drove into Estes Park. On the way there, on the side of the highway, (alive) I saw a BLACK fox!!! No lie. I was freaking out! Julie saw it too! Those are really rare! Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a pic. :( It snowed all Day in Estes Park. We ate at a little cafe that overlooked the center of town. It was like being in another world. Then we drove into the mountains and that's when we saw this little guy.
I made dad turn around to get a pic. I'm the official "fox spotter". :)
He was so cute pouncing around in the snow and scavenging. Then mom spotted this... 
...a few feet away.
Here's a few others we saw...

Of course the land is absolutely breathtaking too...
My Dad climbed that!! 
(back in the day, not while we were there)

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