Thursday, April 8, 2010

M.O.L. A.

I'm actually supposed to be doing other, more important, things right now. It's 11PM, so add sleeping to that list of important things. Buuuttt, I don't want to.

Well, that's not entirely true. I could sleep.

Anyway, I forgot that I never blogged about the MOLA. Blog trumps "un-fun" duties every time. So here we go....

A while back Daniel and I took Coen to the Fort Worth zoo's Museum of Living Art, their new home for all things amphibian, reptilian, and creepy crawly. I couldn't wait to go!
The building is just beautiful! There is tons of space for kids to move around, there is a place to view animals up close and Coen even got to touch a snake!
Coen is older now and he understands to look where Daniel and I point! Success!
This snake is as big around as my child! Thank you double paned glass!!
Wait...I feel a HP reference coming on! Must....suppress....dorkiness....
 We took some time for lunch and a stroll around the zoo while we were there.
Mommies and their babies. :) I left my pouch in the stroller.
Hello there brand new, $20, umbrella stroller I got at JBF for $10. Thank you for coming. I enjoyed having you with us.


Ryan said...

Eeewww creepy crawly things blah! But how cute is he? He looked super interested in those snakes lol.

Stephanie said...

We are planning to check out MOLA tomorrow. How fun! Nathan worked this building when he was still at GT, the firm that worked on it.