Monday, April 5, 2010


Bring on the boiled egg stink...
...your finger tips will be colorful for weeks...'s that time again....
...Easter Eggs!!

I think my mom will have an egg dying day at her house 'till I'm eighty years old. Suits me just fine! We spent all day Friday decorating eggs and it was such fun! This year we achieved a glorious milestone....
"The Purple Egg"
That's right! None of this "slightlyvioletbutmostlypinkwithbluishsplotches" purple. Real, solid, bright PURPLE. It was happy day. :)

 Here's Julie glittering it up! (Of course!)

And Coen taking a break with his new activity table!

I think the general consensus, however, was that the foiled eggs turned out the best. 
"Foil It!"

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