Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Red Balloon

I bought Coen this red balloon one day before Valentine's when we were out running errands. He was being so well behaved! So, while I was in Dollar Tree ("where everything's a dollar") I got him this shiny red balloon. He LOVED it! He played with it in the car while I drove from shopping place to shopping place. Every time we got out of the car we said "Bye bye balloon!" and every time we came back to the car I said, "Look, Coen, there's your balloon!" and he would get all excited.

And then it happened.

While coming back to the car from our last errand, I opened the front door and tossed in  my purse, then opened the back door to put Coen in his car seat. His balloon was floating happily in the front passengers seat. Of course I say, "Look Coen! There's your balloon". As the words are coming out of my mouth that darn thing started floating towards my opened drivers door.  

"Oh no".

I start backing around the opened back door. Then it slips out of the front door.

"Nonononono! Stop! Wait! My son loves you!"

 I chase it for a few feet. It was only inches from my finger tips!! I couldn't leave Coen, so I had to watch it slowly float away. I thought I was going to cry when I turned around and saw him watching it through the windshield with a mixed look of confusion and curiosity on his face. 

I've never been one to think irrationally when it comes to my child. Especially concerning his wants. Coen is far from spoiled (at least in my house). But something about watching that shiny, red, heart shaped balloon float away from us sent me over the edge.

"The world must stop spinning and deliver that balloon back to me instantly . Maybe I could call the police? No, the fire station. They are more equipped to handle things like this, what with their ladders and all. OK, the balloon is gone! Fine! Just someone get me another one stat so my kid isn't sad! OBAMA!! No, Daniel! That's it! He fixes stuff! Sure he's working but he can stop for a second and run get us another one! Where's my phone?!?"

Don't worry. I slapped myself and called my sister instead. Turns out Coen was fine. (Who wouldda thunk it?) We did, however, snag one just like it from Walmart a few days later. It was a dollar too, but THIS one had a weight on it so it wouldn't fly away. (Duh, Dollar Tree) Coen loves it just the same!