Monday, January 11, 2010


My Pawpaw, Dick Gardemal,  lost his battle with Alzheimer's and passed away this December 30th. I knew it was coming and when I found out I was sad, but more relieved for his sake. In my mind, I had lost my Pawpaw years ago.

I had Coen after he and my Nanny moved into assisted living. I loved visiting with my mom and bringing Coen along. Pawpaw loved seeing Coen. When Coen was small and was content on a blanket on the floor my Pawpaw would interrupt the conversation with "Look!Look at the baby!". It made me so very happy to see him enjoying his, though he may not have known it at the time, great grandson.

So when I heard that he passed it wasn't too hard to take. Then Saturday came and the memorial service reminded me of who I had just lost. My Pawpaw. One of my most favorite people in the world. If I wrote about how special he was and listed all of the things that made him so, this blog would go on forever. I am inclined to say that no one would read it but I know that those who knew him would.

It's not fair that the world won't have my Pawpaw in it. It's not fair that other people wont know him like I did and that I won't know him like other people did. Alzheimer's isn't fair. It's not fair.

However, I know that God is fair and that's more than fair for me.

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movin mom said...

That was beautiful! Most of my memories of Paw Paw & Nanny Gardemal involve your Uncle John, Aunt Lisa and Brandon!
It is a blessing to know that not only was John there to greet him but I'm sure Elizabeth was waiting with open arms.
I am sorry for the loss you will all feel over the next few years... but I am filled with Joy to know he is of sound mind in heaven with God!
Blessing to you and your family!