Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Snow!

Yesterday morning we awoke to a winter wonderland!! Can you believe it? Right here in Texas on the second day of December? I was surprised, but not shocked. After all is was the second day in December in Texas. I mean...anything is possible. :)
It was Coen's first time to see snow! So like any good mother I took ZERO pictures of him out in it. Yyyeeaahh. I took pictures of the snow, and video of Coen seeing it for the first time, but not the two combined.

Sometimes my brain doesn't work.

So that makes me a little bit sad, but it's OK. Apparently there may be more snow in the forecast for this weekend! Fingers crossed!!

If I ever upload my videos from my camera I'll post the footage I shot here. Don't hold your breath though. ;)


Emily said...

Wow, we haven't had snow in Michigan yet! Although, it wouldn't be Jack's first snow, we had about 20 feet of snow last year here. not that he knew anything.

Amy said...

20 FEET!?!?! I can't even imagine that!!

Emily said...

I exaggerate. :) I really don't know how much we had, but it was a LOT!

Amy said...

HAHA! I totally believed you, of course! Shows you how much I know about snow!! :P