Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coen at Christmas

After all of the wrapping paper had settled, all of the Christmas dishes had been eaten and all of the merriment had been had, I flipped through my camera to re-live this Christmas. Looks like the only things that were important enough to make it onto "film" was the snow and my kid. Hmmm. Next year I'll have to force myself to capture moments that may not include our tiniest family member. :) Until then here are some pictures of Coen during Christmas!

Giving the train whistle a go. Needs practice. :)

Why do kids like these? I only got it because when I was shopping for his other gifts (all which came from Tuesday Morning btw) he pulled this off of the shelf. Go fig.

Drum! Finally!

Bags were the most fun to open! After he took all of the tissue out he would stuff it all back in. He's so orderly.


Loading up for Gramps and Grammy's. Coen got a good look at all of the snow.

Great stocking!

Hheeerree'sss ELMO!

Yay! A new silky blanket! Thanks Aunt Julie!

And Keys! His obsession! Thanks Aunt Becky!

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teamwilhite said...

What a sweet time- Lovin' his Christmas sweater.