Monday, December 7, 2009

Barber and Bass-Pro

I made a Christmas Countdown calendar this year following "Blue Cricket's" design. I love it and filled it chock full of fun little things to do. One of the things I listed was to take Coen to get his picture with Santa. (Disclaimer: Santa does not take the place of Christ. I am not trying to glorify Santa and worship him. I just want my kids picture with a guy in a red suit.)
I'm pretty sure it's fairly expensive to have his pic taken with Santa at the mall so we opted for the free picture at Bass Pro Shop. Before he had his little photo op, however, he needed a haircut. Badly.

I have always trimmed and cut Coen's hair myself. He was born with LOTS of hair and then later what was left got really long. Like the world's worst combover. Needless to say I had never taken him to get his hair cut. Fist time for everything right? We went to this cute little...*ahem*..I mean manly barber shop. The guy did really well I must say. Coen did even better!

Waiting our turn.

The barber kept commenting on how patient Coen was! That's my good boy!

All finished! What a big kid!

After that we headed out to Grapevine to meet up with Gramps and Grammy and see Santa. If you don't already know, Bass Pro has this great little winter wonderland thing set up for kids. You can color a picture, write a letter to Santa, play with trains and remote control cars. They even have a little carousel. Everything is free plus dad can walk around and look at all of the hunting and fishing gear. Coen LOVED the carousel. We rode it twice!

Ok, after all this hype I need to tell you that I don't have a picture of Coen with Santa. I mean, I have a free copy that they printed out, but nothing digital that I can post. So I took a picture of his picture. I know it's ghetto but that's all I have! See?

What you can't see in this picture is that Coen is in between laughing and crying. He lost it when I handed him over to Santa. Oh, he had good reason. I had forgotten how scary Santa is up close. Why do we torture our children? OK, no seriously that guy was super nice, but Coen was scared anyway. So I kept that plane from crashing and burning by acting a fool at Santa's feet to try and make Coen smile. Soon I had him smiling and laughing no problem. Unfortunately, Santa's helper "Camera Elf" snapped this shot before the good smiles started coming. Oh well! It was a fun day though. Lots of new things to see and do! I love my little family!


Meaghan said...

he looks so happy getting a haircut! not our experience at all ;-) btw...have you mad PW's cinnamon rolls? to DIE for!!! but a lot of work

Amy said...

I am making some next week as a matter of fact! Must be the weather because I always want cinnamon rolls this time of year! :D