Monday, July 27, 2009


This month Daniel took a day off and we trekked up to Oklahoma for the weekend. This trip was officially dubbed "Tour of Coen" because in addition to hanging out with friends and family, we were introducing Coen to everyone for the first time! We had a BLAST. We drove all night Friday night and crashed in the only nice hotel we could find. We realized the next morning that we had stopped only a few minutes down the road from our destination. Oh well, you don't think so clear at two in the morning. :)
Our first stop was Doug and Nadine's house. We got settled in a bit, ate some lunch and Coen took a dip in the pool.

Here's Doug training Coen on how to be a big business man. :)

Nadine and Coen. No biting buddy!!

Next we packed it up and headed to their lake house to see Bevan and Evie. Bevan is one of Dan's closest friends and was in our wedding.

Here is Bevan and Coen hangin out on the porch.

They are such fun and, whoa buddy, what a great place!! Everything is beautiful!! The plants are bigger, the grass is greener, the lake is HUGE and we saw tons of wildlife.

Doug and Bevan took us out on the boat for some tubing. Coen stayed back and played with sweet Lily.
Sunday morning we headed to Norman to visit my most favored of Daniel's family, Aunt Johnie and Uncle Floyd!!

Coen napped on the way!

We checked into our hotel and had some lunch. Then on to the Ferguson's. We had so much fun catching up. Coen loves his great Aunt and Uncle. We had diner at Charleston's and boy was it good!

Here is Coen and Aunt Johnie!

Here is Uncle Floyd giving Coen sugars. This was so funny because Coen didn't move a inch! He sat just like this the whole time Floyd was holding him!

We had a lazy Monday as we hung out in the hotel pool and drove back to Texas!! We stoped at the oulet mall to check out some deals. What a gost town. Got a couple of books though, and an outfit for Dan, so I guess it wasn't a bust. Had a late lunch at our favorite restaraunt, you guessed it, Cracker Barrel! HA! Look at the big boy!!
What a blast! Can't wait to go back!!

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