Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rainbow Rob

Coen got this book, "Rainbow Rob" from one of the baby showers I had before he was even here. He has a lot of books and I try to read to him fairly often. The other day I tried laying down on the bed with him at my side while holding the book above us. It's one of my very favorite moments of the day. I can feel his little shoulder next to mine, and I can see him, in my peripheral vision, looking at the pictures. Every once in a while he stops and turns to watch me. Sometimes I let him watch me read without looking at him, in which case he stares for a while and then returns to the book. But when I can't resist it, I'll turn to look at him and he breaks out in a grin! Then we go back to reading when he's gotten all of his smiles out. It's soooo much fun. Daniel took these pictures of us reading the other day. Pay no attention to the unmade bed.

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Emily said...

these pictures are SO cute ;) I'll have to try that!