Monday, May 18, 2009

Opening Night

Yahooo! I love going to baseball games. When I was little my parents would take us to see the Texas Rangers. It was so exciting! I have very fond memories of that ballpark. A few years ago my parents started getting season tickets to the Fort Worth Cats. Those games are sooo much fun. Everything is smaller, so no matter where you sit you've got a great seat and the crowd is very energetic. It's also much more family oriented. Anywho, Thursday night was the first Cats game of the season. Lucky us, we were invited along! It was Coen's first baseball game. Well, first sporting event ever. Good times! I took lots of pictures, of course.

This one is a little blurry because there was a smudge on my lens. :(

Coen did O.K. all things considered. Those things being he was sometimes bored and very sleepy. We didn't get home until midnight. So I guess all in all he was great. Everyone around us loved talking to him.

Dad bought Coen a hat and a "Dodger the Cat" doll. Ahem.....I, uh, mean, action figure. ;)

A great night. The Cats won, woo-hoo, and there were fireworks afterwards! I was really worried that Coen would freak out, I didn't want him to be scared! Fireworks can be really loud!! So, when the time rolled around I wrapped a blanket around the back of his head to cover his ears, stuck his pacifier in his mouth and wrapped my arms around him, ready to bolt the second he seemed upset. I tried to put out the "calm vibes" so he could sense that I knew everything was normal, Ya know?.....Whatever. So they started, and he didn't even jump. Just watched. Didn't suck a single suck on his pacifier. Didn't move an inch. When it was over I moved my arm, which moved one of his arms by accident. It was like he was asleep. His arm just fell. He was so relaxed I couldn't believe it. Everyone sitting around us turned to see how he reacted, expecting to see screaming baby! I guess he's still too little to know to be scared. Either that or he's deaf.


JustinP8 said...

I've been to a Cats game once. Recently, my wife and I went to a Frisco Rough Riders game. That was pretty cool, we were right in front of the bull pen. Also, the players came off the field right beside us, so all the kids there got to high five them (even though they lost horribly to San Antonio's Missions). I thought to myself, this is definitely the one to take the kids to when I have some. Cheaper and much more exciting. They even had the mascot and announcer come out between innings and do some crowd interaction events/activities. Fun stuff!

Amy said...

yeah, that's what the Cats do! Play games where the kids can interact and stuff. love it!