Friday, April 24, 2009

Zoom Zoom

To expand on the "walking across the room in his walker" comment I made in the last blog....

Ok, ya know the walker I wrote about? The one Coen was waaayy too little for? It's served as another play space. He would get bored with the floor, bored with the swing, etc. . I parked the thing on the carpet and let him sit in it and play on the tray. Last Tuesday I was making a meal for some family members and Coen was playing in his walker when I realized that his feet were touching the floor. "Cool", I thought, and wheeled him out onto the hard wood. Dude, he totally walked across the room!! I was freaking out!! Of course it wasn't a real walk, but he was moving his legs to move across the floor. Isn't that the defenition of walking?! Sometimes he sits a little lopsided and can only use one leg to scoot. It looks so gimpy!! I'm pretty proud of him and I think he's pretty proud of himself too. He swings his arms and gets real excited when he's getting closer to me from across the room. It's so funny!

The other day I opened the blinds to the bid windows so he could look outside. I think he liked it!

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