Tuesday, March 31, 2009

X is for X-ray

Isn't it obvious that X would be for X-ray? Whew, I'm almost done!

Daniel says that every Halloween, all of the paranoid folk in Mineral Wells (including him and his fam ;)) would take their newly acquired sacks of Halloween candy to the hospital and have it x-ray'ed for things like razor blades and drug needles and such. He says they would leave the hospital with an x-ray picture of their goodies as a souvenir. I had never heard of this until I met him. And excuse me? Why can the hospital afford dozens of pointless pictures of candy and give them away free, but when I break my leg an x-ray is running me about $500 bucks? Did any of yall do this?


Bevan Houston said...

I can verify that this was in fact a common practice in Mineral Wells. I never did it, but I remember Daniel doing it. I think he even got to keep the picture of his candy.

Daniel and Amy said...

Shucks! My mom told me I had my candy x-ray'ed when I was a toddler in Lufkin. I didn't get a pic though. Bevan, what is the link to your blog site? I think I had one for Evie too....somewhere.