Wednesday, March 11, 2009

P is for Puppy Dog

OK, Puppy Dog, as in our dog Fetcha. It's a stretch I know. I'm just trying to get through this stupid Alphablog thing yall.

Fetcha was given to us by a couple from our church. She's a really good dog. I knew she would be good with Coen when I found out I was pregnant because i had seen her around other kids. Fetcha could care less about Coen but he loves her. Every time I play with Coen, Fetcha runs and gets her toys so I will play with her too. It's so funny! Today I was playing with Fetcha and Coen started to laugh. Funny stuff!
* I would like to note that she dissapears in this video to fetch her Octopus from her "secret stash" under our bed. Just like I told you!

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teamwilhite said...

His little laugh! One of my favorite sounds in the world are baby's laughing!