Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I is for Inner Child

Coen will be four months old this Friday. Everyone keeps telling Daniel and I that Coen is fixing to get really fun. I can't imagine him being any more entertaining that he already is. Especially since he is starting to laugh! I find myself being extra silly through out the day just to get a good response from him. I make the craziest faces, sing the goofiest songs and talk in the silliest voices. Sometimes I wonder is he is looking at me and thinking, "What the heck?".


Stephanie said...

He is about to become more fun! It is true. There is a big change at 3 months, and again at 6. They just become more and more fun. What a cutie pie!

teamwilhite said...

Oh I am right there with you on the being goofy...or goofier! The other day Hollis actually rolled his eyes at me cause I was being goofy :)

Daniel and Amy said...

hahahahahahahahahah! that's hilarious!