Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last Buck Hunt

This weekend Daniel went hunting with Clayton and Dad for the last buck hunt of the season. I was pretty excited for him. Not necessarily excited that we was leaving for two days, but that he would get to use his new gun and have some guy time. He was sent with strict instructions, by yours truly, to NOT shoot a deer. He had already shot his first buck, a six point, earlier in the season, and after processing his deer last year I wasn't really up for processing another one. Being elbow deep in that much raw meat and blood kinda does something to you. ya know! Plus our freezer couldn't hold anything else. Of course I just pulled the last lb. of venison hamburger from my fridge. OOPS! Maybe he will shoot a doe when he goes next time.
So he packed up for a blue lodge and I packed Coen and I up for my mom's. The weather wasn't really in their favor, Daniel saw a buck, but didn't get a shot in. I sent a camera along because we never have pictures of guy events. Pretty good idea I thought.

Coen hung out with the ladies. We sat around all weekend Playing Huggermugger and drinking Amarula with vanilla ice cream. (Us not Coen) I'm addicted.( Not really. Addiction is a serious matter.) Anywho. We also watched Mama Mia. Boo. Coen wore his red Cabelas jammies he got from mom and dad for Christmas. They have a little flap over the bootie! So cute!!

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